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Violet Marcel in Cum Eating Cuckolds Bob had a bad feeling when his wife Violet left him at home for her high school reunion. She'd been acting like a frisky teenager all week; now, she won't even answer her phone as he desperately tries to reach her. When she finally does get home, she brought along an old crush of hers. What could possibly go wrong when your wife wants to hang out with an old friend? Bob learns that the sky is the limit when that old friend suddenly has an open invitation to stick his big black pecker wherever he wants to put it. What about Bob? He gets to sit and watch while his wife gets rocked by a cream pie blast from the past! Crazy famous older whores perform the really exotic show inside Old lady Gina Red is fucking and stuffing a dildo Yasmin Gold in Cum Eating Cuckolds After weeks of disappointment with the miniscule wand her husband was wielding, Yasmin finally found exactly what she was looking for: a giant black cock to fill up her sweet aching pussy. Horny knows no language limitations; when she and Tyler lock eyes, she knows that he has exactly the right equipment to scratch that itch deep inside her tight little box. As for her new husband, well, if he wants to stay and watch while she takes what she needs, she can live with that. When he sucks that black seed out of her wet slit, it dawns on her that she may have found the perfect husband after all: submissive and spineless, sure, but if he has more friends like Tyler, she may just stick around for a while!
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3D Sluts Cindy and Steph are in lesbian actionNow here are two horny black 3D sluts, Cindy and Stephanie who were going to be in a clothing photo shoot, but it went down a different path when the photographer mentioned that they should kiss each other, and hold each other. They started out holding each other, but this made this very hot and steamy for them. Both their cyber pussies got soaking wet, and both sluts ended up slipping into the dressing room to have a bit of fun where no one would see.<br><br>When they returned, the photographer suggested that they do a girl on girl shoot, so you get to check out these two horny 3D lesbians having a good old time with each other, playing with their tits, sucking on their nipples, and massing their breasts. They even go so far as to eating each other out! On camera! Watch one girl get on top of the other and dry fuck her. Steph grinds her clit into Cindy's pelvic bone, getting herself so horny! She gets close to cumming and has her girlfriend suck on her clit til she cums. She gets all kinds of pussy cream and female ejaculation in her mouth…it tastes sweet, and is a huge win! Michelle Myers Likes To See Her Husband Suck Michelle lived a life of leisure, to be sure. She had everything she needed and more. But what is there left for a woman who has it all? Well, everything else, of course. Seeing how she herself wasn't interested in getting a job of her own, she decided the best way to acquire more cash for herself was to have a heart-to-heart talk with her husband Jimmy's boss. By heart-to-heart, of course, she was thinking more pussy-to-cock. Things were going well with her plan until her husband walked in, but then she had a really bright idea: what if Jimmy chipped in by sucking his way to higher raise himself... The teenage girl is wearing a French maid's outfit and she is taking cock from the older babe. Tia Cyrus in Forced Bi Cuckolds! Tia was happy to play along with her husband AJ's request to watch her sleep with another man. Right up until her husband's lips ended up locked around another man's dick, that is. She looked on with disbelief at first, but quickly concluded (quite correctly) that her husband was a sissy in the first degree. Armed with that knowledge, she found herself free to do as she pleased. The first thing on her agenda? Making AJ her personal cock-whore!
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